“The magnificence of heaven
recreated on earth…”

I had a totally unbelievable experience to feel the power of magnificent creation. This unique and absolutely gorgeous place located right next to the water of Indian Ocean in Thailand on the seashore of Rachvate Cape. The parts from this foundation are built from wood. It is a real “Wooden Sanctuary” and is an evidence of the Thai history from 17th century. I couldn’t believe what I saw… Thai people could build a wooden structure of more than one hundred meters high or equal to twenty stories modern building. The whole area and the building itself is reflecting thoughts and spirits of eastern cultures and announce to the world the complete and long – standing profundity. Everything there was turned into wooden carvings of gods and goddesses and elaborately beautiful designs. The truth that was shown through the Sanctuary is the relationship between human beings and the universe, which are the father, the mother, the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, and the stars. They are not just fantasies, but the truth of being human that eastern philosophers had searched for and discovered from time immemorial. I’ve never seen anything like that before and the feeling I had there was unforgettable. The time I spent there¬†was more then 6 hours, praying, meditating, and enjoying the great creation. This place of true wisdom and knowledge gave me lots of energy and of course right now I am ready to share those feelings and this unbelievable experience…

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