JASPER VAN DEAN Photo shoot – that’s what you call “MENTAL PENETRATION”!

WHITE JAGUAR from Russia – can RUN any JUNGLE just by his SMILE!!!

REAL HIGH LEVEL ENTERTAINTMENT, TRUE VEGAS STYLE, where Mental and Visual PENETRATION are so strong that u don’t even need SEX!

Natasha Shaman, International  Travel  Photographer,
Videographer, Model, MEN of STEEL Contest Producer – Toronto, Canada

How it’s started:
The day we booked the shoot I was extremely tired; long flight from Canada with a few sleepless nights. I was about to dial the phone a few times to reschedule the shoot for the next day, then I said, “No, I have to do it whatever it takes, this model is very unique and maybe we won’t have another chance to shoot!” So I drank few coffees and… I was glad I did. This shoot was so different from any shoots I’ve ever done before; it has broadened my photographic horizons, it has inspired me to NEW IDEAS, which have been hiding deep in my brain for a long time, it has awakened my deep artistic senses which nobody was able to awaken before! That’s what you call inspiring inspired!
The whole world disappeared at the moment when Jasper walked in the room! Clean and fresh like an ANGEL from top to the bottom! Incredibly UNIQUE almost like an ALIEN from another planet! He totally captured my eyes, heart, and everything else… Even after he was gone, I still was under his endless impression! So perfect in every way; there are not enough wonderful words in the dictionary to fully describe him!
In every move you can see dedication and LOVE for his work! Also Jasper makes you feel so comfortable that you think you’ve been long time friends. He’s so CHARMING and pleasurable to eyes that you just can’t stop looking… so flexible in poses, so respectful. This shoot alone made my whole trip. What a great way to start a NEW YEAR!!! The shoot was so good, that we had to repeat it again the day after!
When I visited Jasper’s web-site before the shoot, I had an idea about him, but he looks even better in person, plus his MAGIC personality adds it up!!! Jasper is so serious and so detailed about every move, every look, every word; just an unbelievable experience; so professional, but FUN at the same time! He adds moments which are not even necessary, but very pleasurable and curios able for me as a female photographer; very original and definitely cannot be repeated! We drove to shoot in few locations around Las Vegas. Jasper’s phone was ringing non-stop and I know why!
I felt we were not only talking the same language, Russian, but we were talking the same creative language of SOULS; totally understanding! I loved all his ideas and he loved all my ideas. The shoot was so on-point, to every little detail! I’m proud of Mother-Russia for creating such a beautiful man inside and out! I felt so hypnotized but so comfortable at the same time that, I am not sure how, I end up shooting with my clothes off… We were like two big “kids” playing in kitten garden of Eden, nude, but so innocent; not sure where I got so much energy. I kept jumping around with 3 cameras that I didn’t even notice how 5 hours was gone… And I totally forgot about my next shoot that day. Next model came, I opened the door and I was clueless, saying that I don’t remember confirming any shoots. After when he left I finally remembered and emailed him deeply apologizing…
Then I passed out to sleep for like 12 hours. Next day I had to write this story down. I woke up and felt like I saw a DREAM, so I had to capture it all on paper to make sure it was real!
I was in quite happy-shock, so the day after I invited my gf to help us with video camera and to get her opinion. She got the same impression: totally sweet, pleasurable to eyes, ears… also hands during oiling up the body.
My gf asked me: how can I resist from having sex? I answered: trust me, with the right circumstance and with enough time I would be the first in line! But with a guy like this you cannot do just regular sex. He needs special attention, attention to details! With him you can bring sex to a totally different LEVEL – to one life-time experience! And you don’t want to ruin that by rushing up…
There are some cases when there is nothing much to do besides sex, and nothing wrong with that because sex is great! But here we have different case, very special case… Here there is so much to do beside sex that sex doesn’t even matter much, or sex will be just too much. Sex with Jasper can be like an overdose. I think u can just die from that kind of sex! LOL
Also, sometimes it’s good just to dream and tease yourself about sex! So, even if I can resist myself from having sex, that doesn’t mean I don’t dream about having sex and during the shoot I don’t imagine all kinds of different sex-episodes.
To please woman with sex is simple, to please women without sex is a challenge and great talent!
I was totally pleased in every way without any sex! Plus, I see Jasper as a part of Global Human ART, and as an artist I have to be very respectful and I have to protect art, because here we are talking Art as in Art with a Capital letter!
We have done a great shoot, but there were much more of Jasper to show and capture. I can see, there can be endless shoots and ideas… His creativity totally blew my mind!!! I’ve been shooting since 2006 but Jasper taught me something new… I only wish Jasper was lived in Dallas. He is a number ONE model I want in our new MAN of STEEL studio-mansion! I really hope Jasper can join us in the future or at least come and visit us to produce more great images/videos plus his body-cast, and penis-cast for our Penis Museum.
I’m so glad to see that Jasper is a very successful, and gets all the benefits from his work like nice cars, travel; great example for all entertainers! Also impressive that he build his own web-site and does his own promotion, etc.
If you are in Vegas you have to book Jasper, he will make all your DREAMS come true and more!!! I can’t wait to come back to Vegas soon. Thank you Jasper!!! Keep making the WORLD HAPPY!!!

~ Natasha Shaman ~

We took more than 1000 pictures and recorded lots of hot videos. Soon, you will be able to see them in my membership zone 😉

Here is the interview: Jasper Van Dean & Natasha Shaman for “Men of Steel” project.

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  • Juliet Romera:

    Every one should have a night with Jasper he is carlming can will create a safe time .
    I was so nervous but I recommend jasper highly .

    • Jasper:

      Thank you very much sweetheart for your kind words. It was a great pleasure to work for you and whenever you want to see me again, I’ll be always here for you. Thank you.

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