Today, around 5pm I had a great chance to meet donkey. I was on my way to walk around Red Rock Canyon and as usual was almost ready to get naked and get the feeling of Mother Nature. I love to be naked out doors and as soon as I have a chance I do it right away. It’s a really good feeling when it’s just me and no one else around… I was with my assistant driving around trying to find a perfect place. I looked at the right and all of a sadden, from nowhere the big donkey showed up and started looking through the window. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to do, but after a little while I rolled down the window and looked straight at his eyes. The Donkey stuck his head inside the car and felt very comfortable doing it for some reason. I wanted to pet him, but I wasn’t sure that he would like it. I totally forgot the reason, being in the desert, with all my love towards Mother Nature. So I was enjoying donkey’s company for a while. On my way back to Vegas I decided I would definitely come back to that place with my costumes and have a very nice, professional photo shoot in the beautiful place with wild animals…

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