Three Nippled Michael’s cock. Picture taken by Jasper Van Dean.

I’ve been a professional model all my life. After completing special photography classes at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas in 2010, I stepped into professional photo and video shooting. Being a model helped me a lot to understand the concept of creativity. Of course, I specialize in erotic and adult shootings, but I also shoot nice regular sophisticated stuff. Every day I practice polishing my skills as a photographer in the park next to my house. In the early morning around 6 o’clock when the sun hits the ground and the magic hour starts with unbelievable lighting you can see me with my camera capturing the moments of beauty. I always use high end professional equipment in order to achieve the best results and make everybody happy by delivering stunning images. Soon I will upload a special page about my photographic services, to provide more information about my professional video and photo operator services. I also do all the necessary post processing services with Photoshop and video editing, so the final projects are always 100% perfect. My rates as a photographer start from $200 an hour and if editing is important or necessary I charge extra, depends on the amount of work. I do. If you want to see lots of hot pictures and videos I shot go to my members area, sign up for membership and enjoy! And whenever you want to hire me as an model/entertainer I’m available 24/7. I am always here for you. Special thanks to all my fans and members for your love and support. I love you all!!

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