I have hundreds of emails form different people asking me: “How is it possible to stay in the good shape all the time, 24/7, 365 days a year?..”. The secret is very simple. You just need to maintain the discipline and follow 10 rules I would personally recommend from my experience. It’s helping me everyday. I never stray nor am getting out of shape. Here they are:

1. Consider working out or doing exercises every day, the same like you are taking shower, eating, sleeping, etc.

2. Workout no more than 60 mins. Do not interpart and do not distract your workout process. Stay focus and concentrate your attention on your body. If you will pass 60 mins and still working out, you will get negative effect of slowing down the whole system, it’s not gonna be 100% training, you will get tired, and you will collect fat afterwords.

3. Consume a good amount of water, especially while exercising or working out. Always keep your muscles and the whole body hydrated.

4. Do not sit on the diet! Just eat a little less than you usually do. The food should be the same, but the portion is smaller.

5. Stay away from too much cardio! Your lifting weight or exercising activities are supposed to be everyday thing, but cardio is enough just a couple days a week.

6. Sleep at least 8 hours. It’s the most important part actually. Remember, the process of rebuilding and recovering starts and ends while you are sleeping. Give it enough time to get it done with a nice quality rest.

7. Take supplements! It’s very important to take extra vitamins, minerals, and proteins during the day on the regular bases. Even when you are not working out, continue taking them. Remember, in the most cases just food is not enough as a source of all those important elements to support the whole body.

8. Stay sexually active and have sex as much as you can. It’s balancing your hormones, burns fat, and boosting your immune system.

9. Motivate yourself to achieve a high goal for your body. Find a source of inspiration. My website www.jaspervandean.com is a perfect example; look at my pictures and videos right before hitting the gym or exercising.

10. Always use a professional advise. Hire a personal trainer so you can understand the concept of working out. If you still not sure what you are doing feel free to contact me for free advise. I will be more than happy to help you. Good luck!

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