I love to relax and enjoy my privacy. I have lots of people asking me questions about my personal life and how I like to spend time if I am not busy at work. Here is what I like to do the most:

1. I love to relax in the hot tub with candles and a nice bottle of a good french champagne.
2. I love to get a strong professional massage (specially right after the gym).
3. I love to have a very good dinner at the nice established fine dinning.
4. I love to educate myself by reading different books.
5. I love to learn different languages and I enjoy practicing them.
6. I love being outdoors and spend some time on the fresh air.
7. I love theaters and love to watch movies.
8. I love racing my car.
9. I love to wake up early and at the same time I love a night life.
10. And since I am always horny, I love to have my quality sexual time at least a few times a day! 😉

I am living a very nice, healthy, and sophisticated life style. I always do things which brings very good and positive experience to my future. I love seeing that everything I do and anything I touch is getting bigger and growing. It feels soooo good! I just totally love it!

These pictures I posted here I added to my Galley,  so you can enjoy them.


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  • You are truly and handsome and intriguing young man. There are many Adult Entertainers out there but I feel that all your postings are sincere and from the heart. I wish you much success in your business and much happiness in your personal life. You are true Sweetheart

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