From my personal experience the best things to do after a nice hard workout are:

1. Drink your favorite protein shake right after when you finished.

2. Take a hot shower to relax your muscles.

3. Eat your usual post workout meal according to your diet.

4. Get horny and have sex to balance your hormones and speed up your metabolism.

5. Drink a second protein shake as soon as you cum. You can use cum as a portion of a proper protein blend 🙂

6. Ask your partner to massage your muscles you just worked out.

7. Take a nice nap, at least a couple hours to start recovery process and protein transfer.

If you have a workout partner, you can do all those things together. It’s fun, you become better workout partners and it brings unforgettable experience while achieving a great results of building your body!

I workout twice a day, so my program is definitely working. If you have a different suggestion how to recover yourself after a nice hard workout, please share your experience, I would love to hear form you. Thank you 😉

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