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Tanning Dreams

Tanning Dreams by Jasper Van Dean.

Tanning Dreams is always a great fantasy. Do I like to get tan? Yes, actually I love it! It’s not just about dark skin, it’s also about the process while you are getting dark.

I called it Tanning Dreams by Jasper Van Dean. The best way is to move around while you are getting tan, that’s what doctors say. Hmm… So, I move. But I do it my personal, own way and sometimes I love to video record myself. It’s a huge turn on for me watching myself on my website having a true Tanning Dreams allover my face and allover my body.

This video is exclusively posted only on my website for your enjoyment. As soon as you signup to become a member of my website you will get an access to all my private photos and videos. I love to share my beauty. If you have your dreams or some HOT fantasies, you can always contact me with your request and I’ll make and will post it for you. This video is one of my member’s requested fantasies from a while ago. The person asked me how do I keep my skin so smooth and dark. I replied to him that I love tanning beds. There are few reasons why I love them: you can control the exposure even if you’ll fall a sleep, its very private, and you can be totally naked (that’s my favorite). So, he was very curios to see how I do that. I video recorded myself and I feel really happy with the final movie. Now everybody feels great and this video Tanning Dreams has been posted under my membership zone. Enjoy watching my work and if you have your fantasies I will be more than happy to make them cum true 😉

Jasper Van Dean in Florida

Air Dreams

Flexing and Posing

I am in Miami

I am in Florida!

I am in California

I am in Miami

Flexing and Posing

I am in Miami

There are so many Male and Female Escort providers and adult entertainers here in Las Vegas and all over The United States. When you hire someone for the first time, you definitely want to make sure that the time you will spend will be enjoyable, and the money you are planning to spend will be 100% worth it. So, how to get the right person you will really enjoy? How to feel safe and comfortable? How can you trust someone you don’t even know? You can try many different ways to find out, spending hours, doubting your safety and security… The answer is here, in front of you: contact me 24/7 and I will always help you with my professional and legal way of hiring and booking entertainers. Even if you are not planning to hire me for your entertainment needs, you can still call me 24/7, so I can answer all your questions and I’ll guide you step by step to the world of adult entertainment. I am currentely one of the most professional and successiful entertaines in The US. The reason of my success is 100% of dedication myself to my work. It’s a nonstop process for me.  You can always relay on me. I am here 24/7 for your enjoyment, so you can get the best entertainment experience ever! It’s so much fun! So much happiness!!!

 Celebrating the 4th of July is always soooo much fun, especially when you have lots of fun people around. Dancing and entertaining are more fun on Independence Day since everybody is partying. It’s one of the best days and one of my favorite holydays. I love to take all my cloths off, flex and show off all those muscles I have. The feeling of horney people makes me so exiting. All night long I was dancing with a hard on, enjoying myself and people around. I love to share the feeling of happiness. All my muscles get hot and so enlarged from being among that sexy looking crowd. I love being touched allover the body. It motivates me so much to pump muscles and work harder making all my body more sexy, hard, and enjoyable. I was dancing all day and all night and didn’t even get tired. I wish this holyday would never end. Thanks to The US for this beautiful day and thanks to all horney people who made my night unforgettable! Even right now, I have so much energy! I work 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact me anytime and make bookings for my special Jasper Van Dean VIP hot and very erotic shows. Call or text now 702-205-7787. I love you all!

Muscle Bride

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