Just finished uploading another new video “Jasper Van Dean at Jimmy Z Bodybuilders’ Jam” and now it’s available under my Jasper Van Dean Membership Zone. Feel free to join and enjoy my dirty dancing entertainment experience. Every day I take more and more pictures and videos from different events such as: bachelorette parties, birthday parties, striptease, VIP shows, etc. Enjoy my work and please don’t hesitate to contact me 24/7 if you want to hire me for your private entertainment, modeling, acting, stripping, or any other project where you might need a big muscular male stud with big hard bodybuilder’s muscles. Thank you very much to all my members for all those kind words in lots of hot emails. I love you all!


Check out my new video “Jasper Van Dean – Hot… Tub… Action!”. In a couple days you will be able to watch the whole episode of this video called “Taste of Beauty” under my Membership Zone. This video will be showing my power, flexibility, and unlimited passion. Feel free to become a Member; and to all my existing Members: Thank you so much for staying with me, supporting my talent, and being always there for me. I love you all!

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Just added one of the most beautiful and amazing muscle girls to my “Entertainer’s List“. She is a total discovery to those who really like powerful muscles and a gorgeous feminine look. She has the whole package! Click on her banner to see her info, stats, pics, and video. If you want to hire her for your entertainment needs, contact me. Thank you.

I am just done shooting another nice and erotic wrestling and muscle worshipping video with very talented and dirty wrestler Cassinelli. His DVDs are very popular all over the world and his passion is all about wrestling. I was trying to do my best so you can really enjoy this action. Check this out 🙂

Just done doing a nice photo shoot for private collector. He let me keep the pictures and some of them I’d like to share here and the rest of them I will put under my membership zone in a little while. Enjoy viewing my work and don’t forget to leave a comment. Thanks to all of you, who’s inspiring and motivating me 😉

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