I am always available for professional and sophisticated Escort Service:

If you want to piss your ex-boyfriend off and show up with me at special event where you will be seen by him and other people; I will pretend that we are very close to each other and will provide 100% boyfriend experience so the intended parties will be very jealous.

If you are planning to attend a certain place (night club, party, banquet, theater, show, etc.) where you might need a professional and sophisticated companionship, I will be always dressed to impress and will act professionally, so you can be proud having me around.

If you just want to drive around the town and have a beautiful companion next to you, I will be definitely a perfect guide for you.

If you are stuck in Vegas drunk and wasted and you have to be in California as soon as possible, I can deliver you within 3,5 hours safe and secure. My cars are always high end, very expensive, very clean, and sophisticated vehicles. You will definitely enjoy a nice fast ride with me.

If you want to surprise your spouse, friends, or relatives  with a ”Jasper Van Dean” professional escort service, I can always show up at any place you need. I can be very discreet so nobody will even know that I am a professional entertainer. I guarantee: the time with me will be unforgettable!

If you just want to show off with a professional entertainer and muscle stud in the public place, go shopping or hang out by the pool, I am your man!

Feel free to contact me 24/7. For rates, booking, and more info please visit page “Services and Rates”.

14 Responses to “Escort Service”

  • Ryan:

    Is this for female clients only or do you also take male clients?

  • Ben:

    Will you escort us if I would want to go to dinner at a nice restaurant with you just to have a nice time with you and will you wear whatever I ask you too?

    • Jasper:

      Yes Ben, absolutely, I will escort you to all those nice places and I will be wearing exactly what you want me to wear.

  • Chris:

    Will you escort us to the beach and go shirtless for me at the beach plus to take pictures together at the beach with you shirtless?

    • Jasper:

      Yes, sure I will! I love it! I will escort you to the beach and I’ll be definitely shirtless. We will take lots of hot pictures! Feel free to call me 😉

  • Trey:

    Hey! I’m a gay 18 y/o slim white boy in Los Angeles CA and was wondering if you could come to my place for some hot strip show!? 🙂

  • Ben:

    Hello!!!! I’m a gay 19 year old Asian guy from San Diego and was wondering if you can come to my place as an escort to have fun and take lots of picture for memories with a hot guy like you?

  • Jake:

    Will you dress up in a suit and tie for your escort service for a College Graduation if I request for your services?

  • Jake:

    Will you dress up in a suit and tie to go with me to a College Graduation and take pictures together after the Graduation If requested for your services?

  • Zobor:

    Will you wear a brief underwear as an escort in my house?

  • Armando s:

    Hey man I always wanted to see I got this fantasy you show up my place normal dress, knock my door come in and then you ask me if you can use my rest room and come out nude flex pose then I will measure your muscles then we go to my room and do a long sweeaty nude wrestling match erotic you flexing your muscle all over my face sorry to be specific but that’s what I want can you do that let me know rates thanks I am in San Diego

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