January 1, 2011 at 10:58 pm

I have known Jasper for some time and his level of professionalism, degree of sophistication, and complete dedication to a healthy, clean, and purposeful lifestyle for the benefit of his clients is absolutely amazing. He has a great personality and is approachable and real; like the guy next door. Jasper always puts his clients on a pedastal. Jasper is very organized, powerful, meticulous, alluring, focused, and versatile; he is a fantasy come true. I always enjoy looking at his pictures online, but seeing him in person is priceless. It’s hard to believe that he is available 24/7, but he loves what he does and that beauty shows up in his work… his energy is amazing and he has a lot to give. There is no man capable to supply the diverse set of skills and vibrance as Jasper Van Dean.

Sara, Professional Entertainer – Las Vegas


January 12, 2011 at 7:23pm

I know Jasper Van Dean as a professional person who is very talented as a dancer, actor, and choreographer.  Jasper authored many professional dance routines for my shows and others.  He is a very caring and patient person.  He has an excellent look as a fitness model with lots of endurance for the sport lifestyle and life in general.  His amazing dance choreography skills and acting degree allow him to master the most difficult and complicated dance routines.  I know I can always trust him when I need someone to organize shows at the highest level.  He appears on the stage as a real man; he gets all of the attention of the crowd and holds that attention due to his inner energy.  Jasper is honest and he has a sense of responsibility and perfectionism which gives him the ability to be the leader of any group he is working with.  Because of his work with me I noticed his unique male review “Candyman”.  After seeing his show, I offered his group the opportunity to work with me in Moscow, Kremlin, St.-Petersburg, Russia, United States, Israel and other countries and also in my music videos and in top-rated television projects in Russia.  In 2001 the group Candyman was very popular everywhere; people loved the show and it was recognized as the best male review of Russia.  Jasper himself has won many dance competitions and received lots of rewards as a professional dance/sport choreographer.  Jasper created a unique type of show where he combined action-packed themes with artistic appeal, high energy, acrobatic performing, acting, choreography, and sport gymnastic elements.  He is definitely a symbol of the healthy lifestyle, culture of sport and beauty of the man’s body.

Philipp Kirkorov, Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations
Holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most concerts held in the same location
The most popular singer in Russia


April 15, 2011 at 8:37 pm

Jasper Van Dean is an incredible man! It is hard to believe, but he looks even better in person than his pictures. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Las Vegas, and he arrived exactly on time. He was dressed professionally, but also showed his amazing physique. I was nervous about meeting him at first, but he instantly made me feel comfortable; like I had known him for a long time. He greeted me with a gorgeous smile and a big hug. His accent just makes you melt! I had a suite, and he went to the bathroom to change. When he emerged, there was a Russian God in front of me! Pure muscle, perfectly tanned and shaved. Every muscle was rippling to perfection as he flexed and displayed his incredible physique. He is so willing to share his body, and I oiled up every single bulging muscle. Just seeing and feeling him flex can make you crazy! Beyond his body, he is a genuinely nice guy. He cares about his clients, and wants you to be happy and satisfied. I never felt rushed and he was totally amazing! If I had  more time, I would have asked him to stay even longer! Each time I am in Vegas, Jasper is the only one I will call. Treat him well and with respect, he deserves it, and will return the favor. 100% and more as advertised!!

Mark, Fashion Designer – San Francisco


January 15, 2012 at 10:24 pm

JASPER VAN DEAN Photo shoot – that’s what you call “MENTAL PENETRATION”!

WHITE JAGUAR from Russia – can RUN any JUNGLE just by his SMILE!!!

REAL HIGH LEVEL ENTERTAINTMENT, TRUE VEGAS STYLE, where Mental and Visual PENETRATION are so strong that u don’t even need SEX!

Natasha Shaman, International Travel Photographer,
Videographer, Model, MEN of STEEL Contest Producer – Toronto, Canada

How it’s started:
The day we booked the shoot I was extremely tired; long flight from Canada with a few sleepless nights. I was about to dial the phone a few times to reschedule the shoot for the next day, then I said, “No, I have to do it whatever it takes, this model is very unique and maybe we won’t have another chance to shoot!” So I drank few coffees and… I was glad I did. This shoot was so different from any shoots I’ve ever done before; it has broadened my photographic horizons, it has inspired me to NEW IDEAS, which have been hiding deep in my brain for a long time, it has awakened my deep artistic senses which nobody was able to awaken before! That’s what you call inspiring inspired!
The whole world disappeared at the moment when Jasper walked in the room! Clean and fresh like an ANGEL from top to the bottom! Incredibly UNIQUE almost like an ALIEN from another planet! He totally captured my eyes, heart, and everything else… Even after he was gone, I still was under his endless impression! So perfect in every way; there are not enough wonderful words in the dictionary to fully describe him!
In every move you can see dedication and LOVE for his work! Also Jasper makes you feel so comfortable that you think you’ve been long time friends. He’s so CHARMING and pleasurable to eyes that you just can’t stop looking… so flexible in poses, so respectful. This shoot alone made my whole trip. What a great way to start a NEW YEAR!!! The shoot was so good, that we had to repeat it again the day after!
When I visited Jasper’s web-site before the shoot, I had an idea about him, but he looks even better in person, plus his MAGIC personality adds it up!!! Jasper is so serious and so detailed about every move, every look, every word; just an unbelievable experience; so professional, but FUN at the same time! He adds moments which are not even necessary, but very pleasurable and curios able for me as a female photographer; very original and definitely cannot be repeated! We drove to shoot in few locations around Las Vegas. Jasper’s phone was ringing non-stop and I know why!
I felt we were not only talking the same language, Russian, but we were talking the same creative language of SOULS; totally understanding! I loved all his ideas and he loved all my ideas. The shoot was so on-point, to every little detail! I’m proud of Mother-Russia for creating such a beautiful man inside and out! I felt so hypnotized but so comfortable at the same time that, I am not sure how, I end up shooting with my clothes off… We were like two big “kids” playing in kitten garden of Eden, nude, but so innocent; not sure where I got so much energy. I kept jumping around with 3 cameras that I didn’t even notice how 5 hours was gone… And I totally forgot about my next shoot that day. Next model came, I opened the door and I was clueless, saying that I don’t remember confirming any shoots. After when he left I finally remembered and emailed him deeply apologizing…
Then I passed out to sleep for like 12 hours. Next day I had to write this story down. I woke up and felt like I saw a DREAM, so I had to capture it all on paper to make sure it was real!
I was in quite happy-shock, so the day after I invited my gf to help us with video camera and to get her opinion. She got the same impression: totally sweet, pleasurable to eyes, ears… also hands during oiling up the body.
My gf asked me: how can I resist from having sex? I answered: trust me, with the right circumstance and with enough time I would be the first in line! But with a guy like this you cannot do just regular sex. He needs special attention, attention to details! With him you can bring sex to a totally different LEVEL – to one life-time experience! And you don’t want to ruin that by rushing up…
There are some cases when there is nothing much to do besides sex, and nothing wrong with that because sex is great! But here we have different case, very special case… Here there is so much to do beside sex that sex doesn’t even matter much, or sex will be just too much. Sex with Jasper can be like an overdose. I think u can just die from that kind of sex! LOL
Also, sometimes it’s good just to dream and tease yourself about sex! So, even if I can resist myself from having sex, that doesn’t mean I don’t dream about having sex and during the shoot I don’t imagine all kinds of different sex-episodes.
To please woman with sex is simple, to please women without sex is a challenge and great talent!
I was totally pleased in every way without any sex! Plus, I see Jasper as a part of Global Human ART, and as an artist I have to be very respectful and I have to protect art, because here we are talking Art as in Art with a Capital letter!
We have done a great shoot, but there were much more of Jasper to show and capture. I can see, there can be endless shoots and ideas… His creativity totally blew my mind!!! I’ve been shooting since 2006 but Jasper taught me something new… I only wish Jasper was lived in Dallas. He is a number ONE model I want in our new MAN of STEEL studio-mansion! I really hope Jasper can join us in the future or at least come and visit us to produce more great images/videos plus his body-cast, and penis-cast for our Penis Museum.
I’m so glad to see that Jasper is a very successful, and gets all the benefits from his work like nice cars, travel; great example for all entertainers! Also impressive that he build his own web-site and does his own promotion, etc.
If you are in Vegas you have to book Jasper, he will make all your DREAMS come true and more!!! I can’t wait to come back to Vegas soon. Thank you Jasper!!! Keep making the WORLD HAPPY!!!

~ Natasha Shaman ~


May 5, 2012 at 4:33 pm


JASPER VAN DEAN is Super HOT, Very Professional, and Sophisticated!

The Best Fantasy Entertainment EVER – He is the True Fantasy!! 

By looking at Jasper’s pictures you’r getting hot, by meeting him in person you’r melting…

~ Luna M. ~


Jasper Van Dean is a hot and sexy guy and I always rely on him for advice and guidance. Even as a professional myself, I rely on his knowledge and wisdom. The very first time I worked with him was more than 3 years ago in Las Vegas with his entertainment company Candyman Entertainment in Vegas. He is one of the most talented dancers; the way he looks, carrying himself, and performing is unbelievably amazing. He has a great personality and huge experience. Jasper is definitely very professional and knows what he is doing. He is very generous with his time, very motivating, and always seems to have the right answers. I know I can count on him 24-7 to be there willing to help, and that is hard to find.

Luna M, International Model, Professional Entertainer, Dancer, Actress, – Las Vegas


July 23, 2012 at 8:41 pm


Jasper is the personification of energy, power and grace. He is not only beautiful on the outside but he is just as lovely on the inside. His ability to bring to life all of a person’s fantasies with a body that would make Michael Angelo’s mouth water is just one of his many, many, talents. It’s so rare to find the whole package, but Jasper has it! His attention to detail and professionalism is so refreshing. He’s charming, articulate, charismatic, highly intelligent, stylish, suave, smells wonderful, takes awesome care of his personal appearance and HE’S A REAL MAN! His sense of humor is so infectiousand you will find yourself feeling like you have known him all your life within a few moments. His passion for life is so inspiring and when you are around Jasper, you truly believe that anything is possible. When He locks his beautiful intense blue eyes on you, you just melt. You actually feel his energy pulsate through you. The beautiful difference that I found with Jasper, as opposed toother people who have high energy levels, is his energy doesn’t put you onedge, nor does it fade. He never makes you feel rushed or that he is too busy to listen. When you are in his presence, he makes you feel like you are the center of the universe and he is genuinely interested in hearing what you are talking about. I feel so blessed to have met this wonderful man and now I have the privilege to call him my friend. I told him yesterday that he is ruining me towards other men. NONE of them seem to even come close to measuring up to him!.

Pamela Hannam, Entertainer & National Level Bodybuilder, – Las Vegas

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  • Toni:


    I`m so glad I found your website!Looking awesome so far!
    Just wanted to let you know I`m a big fan and I love your Colt vids,they took my breath away literally!;)
    Looking forward to seeing your next projects.

    I will be aroud;)

  • George:

    Jasper, I look forward to becoming a member of your website! I own all the vids you’ve made so far, and you are fantastic. It’s obvious you are a class act! I look forward to your future work.

  • Gilbert:

    I have contacted Jasper by phone and he is very efficient in setting up an appointment , very well-prepared. He is very nice person, honest, this is first time meeting him we talked like we are friends from years, I really recommend him you won’t be disappointed.

  • Ryota:

    I love Jasper!!! I definitely want to see him again. He is very nice and sexy guy!! Very friendly and professional. Thank you so much Jasper!

  • 亮太:


  • JIM:

    Not only i Jasper beautiful to look at but he is a genuine nice man. I really enjoyed meeting him and hope to see him on a regular basis. He has great eyes and a killer smile!!

  • Jason:

    This guy is for real. Nice personality and available at all times.

  • Peter:

    Jeg elsker Jasper super dejlig sød fyr og nem at snakke med , jeg skal hel sikker se ham igen 🙂

  • Bill:

    I recently met Jasper when in Las vegas. Jasper is much more hansome in person than he appears in his photos and his body speaks for itself. What is most remarkable about Jasper is his charm. I was delighted to meet a handsome man with such great charm and look forward to enjoying his company in the future.

  • Mark:

    Jasper is an amazing man! I had the opportunity to meet him in Las Vegas, and he is even better looking in person than his pics! The time we spent together was fantastic. His body is totally smooth, tanned, and hard. When he emerged from the bathroom, there was a Russian God in front of me. Oiling every muscle was a huge fantasy. He is totally interactive, and his smile is infectious! On top of all that, he is a very kind and gentle man. I can’t wait to see him again!! He is worth it!! Treat him well, as he deserves it. He is completly dedicated to his clients.

  • Tom:

    Jasper was a great guy, very professional, awesome body and sexy Russian accent. I met him at FLEX….WOW very hot. By far the hottest dancer there.

  • Peter:

    Jasper is a beautiful gentleman, kind considerate and oh so beautiful. His pictures barely do him justice. I will definitely see Jasper again soon.

  • Mark:

    I met Jasper for the first day today. I didn’t know what to expect from a guy as nice looking as Jasper…maybe arraogance, who knows? But, from the moment I saw him Jasper turned-out to be one of the warmest, friendliest guys that I’ve ever met. The session was 100% about making me happy and he did an awesome job! He was very intuitive and knew exactly what I wanted within minutes. Nothing was rushed and Jasper’s awesome physique captured my attention the entire time ! I would definitely recommend Jasper to anyone! Take a chance and call him…I can assure it will be the best time that you have ever spent!

  • Sid Naseer:

    Worked with jasper and did some wonderful photography work with him. Although I thought we were limited to an hour, we ended up spending several doing some very inspired work. He was artistic and creative and was very open to suggestion on posing as well as suggesting some poses himself. His physique and personality were absorbing and the afternoon just slipped by. I think some wonderful work was accomplished and I hope to expand upon this on a future visit with Jasper. I highly recommend him as a model for any aspiring photographer.

  • Sami:

    J’ai passe un tres bon moment avec cet homme muscle , c’est vraiment unique comme un corps , une heure de dance professionelle avec des mouvements tres sophestiques … c’est sure que lui recommande pour tous …

    j’adore …

  • Tom:

    I was lucky enough to spend an evening with this beautiful and very interesting man. He is an amazing man. His body is so gorgeous it can hardly be believed. He can show wonderfully formed and developed muscles; his biceps are fantasticlly hard and strong. He is very friendly and easy to be with. I can certainly recommend him to the discerning man. I can’t wait until see him again.

  • Francisco:

    Um gato ! Totalmente profissional um corpo que parece um deus romano! pacote completo.Valeu a pena.faria de novo.

  • RoV:

    Jasper un increible profesional.
    Su actitud, profesionalismo y su cuerpo fue mas de lo que yo pude esperar.
    Supero todas mis espectativas.
    El se contacto conmigo via skype, y desde un inicio brindo un servicio A1.
    Lo recomiedo y vale la pena

  • Mark:

    Any trip to Las Vegas would be incomplete without seeing Jasper. It is hard to write about how wonderful he actually is. Jasper is an entertainer; but he is so much more. Above all, he is a gentleman, and when I am with him he is a true friend. I visit Vegas often, but even when I am not there, Jasper is always there for me! Seeing him smile will make you melt; and of course his body is beyond belief! Some men that are as attractive as he is can be distant or rude. Not Jasper. He is so caring and kind, and makes you feel like the center of his world. Being with him is like being with a friend you have known for years. As a single man that travels constantly, being with Jasper is always the best part of my trips! Do me a favor, call him and meet him. You will never be the same after meeting him. Thank you for everything Jasper!

  • David:

    Jasper was awesome! Very handsome and a real treat!

  • William:

    Decided to treat myself while in Las Vegas. I contact Jasper and it wa wonderful. Great guy.

  • Mark:

    Can’t wait to see you again! You are better each time I see you!

  • Jeff and Don:

    10 out of 10

    12/28/11 We requested an appointment via phone back in May. Jassper quickly responded and we set a time to meet. He arrived right on schedule. From the moment we met him at the door he made us feel relaxed and was very nice and thoughtful. This was our first experence in hiring an entertainer and we hit the jackpot with Jasper. We were a little nervous which Jasper must have sensed as we were quickly put at ease. His photos don’t due him justice as he is more attractive in person and far exceeded our expectations. Jasper is not only hansome, but has a warm smile and beautiful eyes that will make you melt. If you want the best, look no further than Jasper. We’re looking forward to our next trip to Las Vegas so we can visit with Jasper again. He was truly the highlight of our trip.

  • Mr. X:

    The perfection of physical beauty that is Jasper cannot be improved upon by the grace of God or the hand of man!

  • Rachel Minch:

    i really love all your pic and video Jasper

  • Lorena Bermudez:

    Jasper is the best guy ever ! no just outside , bud he has the most amazing personality.He is very caring and always make you feel on top of the world , Gracias por tu amistad…
    I recommend him ! he is a man of meny talents

  • Brad and Steve:


    April 21, 2012

    We had the pleasure of meeting Jasper on our last visit to Las Vegas. Wow! What a GREAT Guy he is!!!! Absolutely Incredible Physique. This guy really takes pride in his body! He is truly a man of many talents! His sweet and funny personality is very rare for a man like him. We could have visited with him all night! We look forward to seeing him on our next visit to Vegas!

  • BW:

    Met Jasper on a trip to Vegas. Was very very nervous. So glad I got past my nerves because it was an amazing experience! He made me fill so comfortable immediately. He is a very handsome man. No ego on this man. Very sweet..killer smile…beautiful eyes…and an amazing body! We could have talked all night. It was like hanging out with a friend. Trust me you won’t be sorry. Did I mention he had an amazing body?!!! Can’t wait to see you again Jasper.



  • Carlos:

    Increible..¡¡¡¡ El vino a visitarme a mi Hotel, desde el primer momento la conversacion fue agradable. Entramos en confianza inmediatamente, esto fue en mi ultimo viaje a LAS VEGAS. Quede gratamente sorprendido, me hablo en espanol. Hermoso cuerpo, agradable persona… Lo repetire…¡¡¡¡¡

  • Joseph:

    Jasper you are so amazingly gifted it’s overwhelming. Besides being physically perfect, you’re sweet. I felt stupid when I called you and forgot why I called, but you were so sweet & gave me A chance to remember. JASPER, most people would have been so annoyed but you were very nice to me. I didn’t feel so stupid & then there is your talent. Jasper you havn’t begun to tap into the full measure of your talents, the Kremlim was amazing, no idea so many people were there though. You have this way Jasper of making people feel good about themselves. There is only one Jasper van Dean, cause Entertainers are A dime A dozen, but only ONE Jasper Van Dean. I CAN’T BELIEVE you read my messages, & I am glad you do. Jasper what would you like to work on now? A workout video? Anything you want just go for it. I only regret that I can’t do more to help you. If I had the money I’d produce A workout video with you in it, but that’s the problem, but your smart enough that you can get the money to produce your own workout video. What ever you REALLY WANT, just go for it ok, Mr. Van Dean.

  • Brandon:

    What a great website you have Jasper! I hope you can visit the Philippines sometime in the future, i’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun visiting here. If you want a tour guide, i can volunteer – anytime! =)

  • Mark:

    Jasper is the absolute best! If you are in Vegas, you need to met him. He is the best entertainer I have ever met, and the only one I call when I am in town. He is always on time, and looks better than his pictures. Trust him to give you a great time. He knows exactly want you want, and how to give it to you. Thank you Jasper…you are the best!!

  • Sam:

    Jasper is handsome and sexy and well mannered young man.
    My girlfriend of 30 yr old and me , 54, enjoyed his company.he made her relax and I enjoyed watching her feel good.

  • Sally:

    We hired Jasper for 50 yr old couger’s B day party.

    He is handsome & sexy.

    Nice butt & well endowed.

    Nice sexy shape & sexy chest & six pack.

    All ladies got wet for him & private lap dance made me come when he was in my lap.i enjoyed holding & squeezing his butt.

    I felt huge stud & became very wet & came while he was grinding me.

  • Sam:

    My girlfriend & I had great time with him in LV. She still gets very wet when I ask her about jasper. & his lap dance on her lap.

  • Charlotte:

    I enjoyed watching you strip for me in VIP room.
    I was sitting on my BF’s lap & feeling his soft, small dick & watching your stud getting hard & big when I was feeling your body.
    You amazed me when you let me pull your G string down.
    What a sexy body!! Nice stud & butt. Loved your chest.
    I loved lap dance & got extremely wet.
    Me & my BF had sex that night but I was thinking about you all the time & wishing what if I had your big one inside me??? I would have squirted , promise

  • Sam:

    Jasper, I appreciate you giving sexy lapdance to my young 28 yr old girl friend.
    I am 59 yr old physician .

    I was amazed when she pulled down your G string.

    You got sexy body & large stud

  • Drew Sawyer:

    Amazing. Such good company, and that is only the beginning… Jasper is so giving, so intuitive about what you may want. I loved the time worshipping his amazing body (looks better in person than on the website!). I know little of Russian culture except for Checkhov and Nabokov–but that was enough to elicit some very good conversation; and Jasper demonstrated his erudition by declaiming a line from Pushkin to me! He is remarkably intelligent and gifted in more than the obvious ways. He is the best thing that happened to me on an otherwise drab visit to the over-dazzly city of LV…

  • Mark:

    Every time I see Jasper, he just gets better! I call him on every trip to Vegas, and he is the only escort I ever see…because he is the BEST! When I open the door, Jasper is there with the most gorgeous smile (perfect teeth) and a huge hug. I always ask Jasper to wear a few things that show off his body, and he always remembers what I like. After getting settled, he slowly removed his shirt to reveal the biggest chest you have ever seen! When he bounces his pecs I go crazy. He was wearing the tight spandex shorts from his video that showed every massive leg muscle…and legs are my favorite!Peeling them off he had on a tiny red thong with a huge bulge. For the next hour he flexed and oiled every hard muscle on his body in perfect form and pure pleasure. That smile never leaves his face and he is truly the most handsome man I have ever met.
    Trust me, if you want the ultimate escort experience, call Jasper now! There is no one better and he is totally dedicated to pleasing you! Thank you Jasper for always being the ultimate muscle experience!!


  • Mark:

    Wow! I just saw your new photos tonight, and you look better than ever! Jasper has been my only entertainer for over 5 years now, and his new pics are beyond belief! I have never seen such a perfect muscled body, with the ultimate tan and shaved physique! This man is everything! If you have the chance to meet Jasper, do it! He is even better in person than his pics. Jasper will make every muscle fantasy come true!!

  • Madden:

    Maintain the exceptional work !! Lovin’ it! Thank you so much Jasper!!

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