Welcome to my Photo Gallery. Here you can find more than a hundred pictures from different projects and companies I have worked for. These are pictures from Fitness Modeling, Dancing, Stage Performance, Acting, Striptease Shows, Entertainment, Adult Projects, Art Gallery, Studios, and photographers all over the world.


My personal Candyman Art Studio is working 24/7 shooting for Jasper Van Dean projects and other regular and adult companies. Every month, Candyman Art studio is producing thousands of pictures, building new Galleries, creating logos, printing pictures, and using them for web and graphic design.


I am always posting new hot pictures in my gallery on Jasper Van Dean members area. If you want to see more, please see my membership page. Every day I work very hard for you making new videos and shooting lots of pictures. Have fun viewing thousands of very erotic and interesting photos and videos under the membership zone and enjoy my free HOT Art Gallery down below. Thank you.



I want personally to say thanks to all my loving admires and motivators. You are giving me so much energy and power! Every time when you say something good about my work, it turns me on so much! I literally do all my posts, picture editing, and file uploading with a hard on! And it’s not just big…. It’s HUGE!

Thank you so much for all good comments, here on and in my social network. I always read all of them, as soon as you post it.

Feel free to leave more comments. Just scroll down and leave a replay at the bottom of this Gallery. I look forward to hearing from you. And if you want to hire me for your entertainment needs, contact me. I am available 24/7 for your convenience. Thank you very much for your support! I love you all!!!

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  • Just uploaded this gallery. Feel free to leave a reply here. Your thoughts, your wishes, your emotions 🙂 … Just fill out the form below. Thank you.

  • Sheri:

    You look absolutly amazing! You are sexy and sweet.
    I fantasize about making love to you!

  • Sara:

    Jasper, your photos are stunning, of course… sexy, yummy, beautiful… but. honestly, they don’t even do you justice… seeing you and spending time with you in person and feeling your energy and power is an experience that is addicting… naughty boy (I love it)…

  • Mark:

    You look better than ever Jasper! I love the video you made for how to contact you. Can’t wait to see you again!

  • Sheri:

    Your a shining star!!
    Can’t stop looking at your pics
    you look like a Greek god!

  • Vanessa:

    Jasper you are male perfection. While being ultra masculine, you know how to be romantic, seductive, erotic and sexy; and, as seen in your Hungry Duck video clip, there is that very hot nasty sexual side too. You know just how to keep a girl wet, excited and on edge….at least this girl!

  • freddy:

    step up your game guys
    this is 4 all the escorts and masseurs out there
    this guy is letting u bitches have it!!!!!
    body in excellent shape not overdone
    big dick pretty face masculine demeanor
    overall very handsome model looks
    if your naturally beautifull work it
    and if u aint theres always surgerys work that !
    jasper is hotttt

  • Markymark:

    I have spoken to Jasper and heis a very nice guy. I cannot wait to meet him in person
    Looks so hot in all videos

  • Jasper you are so hot,and turn me on,im in fire….i wish you f… me a¨are HOT HOT HOT

  • rene perez:

    beautiful fegure perfectly masculine stuningly handsome. ay!

  • Rick8560:

    Hello Jasper,
    I just happened to catch your beautiful picture while searching for a masseur. OMG! You are gorgeous! You seem so sweet and kind by watching
    your short video. I guess God has blessed you with the perfect genes from head to toe? Wish you all the best in life, you already have a good start.

  • Sara:

    Jasper, Babe, you are smokin’ HOT… beautiful… lovely, whiplash sexy, handsome, delicious… I’m so glad you share the beauty here on your website… GORGEOUS!

  • Jasper I looked at all of your beautiful photographs – you are awesome and I am grateful you are sharing your fantastic pics of your hot body in such an uninhibited manner- and that face is a long way from a geeky russian kid you describe– you turned into a muscled swan. Thank you.

    • Jasper:

      Thank you very much for your kind words. In a couple days I’ll open my membership zone where I’ll put lots of pictures and videos for your enjoyment 😉

  • Randy:

    Jasper you are awesome. Great body, very handsome man I really like your big dick.

  • Jack:

    Hi, Jasper! You look fantastic. Love that you’re smooth all over, esp your hole. I live on the East Coast but am planning a trip to LA in July. Hope you’ll be available then because I want to get together with you.


  • Sam:

    My young wife and I came to see you at strip club. She liked your big muscle and you had it really hard in front of all women and they all were screaming.
    My wife was very wet for you and she enjoyed a lap dance in VIP room.

  • Sally:

    Hi , you are one sexy guy. We all enjoyed your nice strip show. You looked awesome in G string. Your butt and chest and six pac, wow!!!
    I had wet dream about you.

  • kevin:

    Your body is perfection, from your handsome face, to that beautiful cock, to your pretty feet and mouth watering ass.

  • Gary:

    What a beautiful body and cock i would love to suck and worship it to compleation. also would love to worship those muscles. and let you dit on my face. beautiful i will be getting in touch.

  • Dan:

    Jasper, you have some awesome pics. You have a gorgeous body with a great looking face. I cannot take my eyes off your pics. You have a sexy body! very appetizing! Let me know when you cum to L.A.

  • carwocky:

    hi jasper van dean I just wanna tell u that u r amazing and hot and ur body is stasty as well as ur butt and cock please do not change we love u so much dear candy man grettings from costa rica.

  • Paddy:

    I love your photo gallery a lot and you look so handsome and you do have a nice body.

  • alistair:

    just so much adore that you too- apparently-love showing off – as often & as much as possible- when beautifully so naked & so fully aroused, & all for your equally loving & aroused- idolizing followers- who so adore that oh so hot & hard display of that so magnificent physique of yours- you lovingly & boldly show as hung with that so exquisite & theatrically spectacular, hardening cock of yours- lewdly & enticingly shaven to a glamourous, idolatrous, delectable, & glisteningly smooth,explicitly so sexual, exhibitionistic & obscenely just so beautiful a set of publically erect genitals-
    shamelessly so showy that the more that you delight & so erotically enthrall all within that magical moment of your own appeasing the desires of all of your anticipant admirers-who so inturn appeal to your own lucid dream, you casually spend the rest of the fest in just a pair of leather boots & otherwize completely nude amongst the other formal & fully dressed clientele who so delight as they watch you naturally & oh so nastily fully react, excitedly responding to the egging on of that so obvious pleasure that they get in blatantly staring at your hot throbbing cock, visibly & rapidly extending & engorging for all to see as you mingle,hobnob, chat & rather flauntingly-
    so adore massaging any of all of that bulging mound of muscle of your gleaming anatomy- nonchalantly all along & just so sensually, for all to see- you lovingly fondle your amassing cock , freely engaging in that easy flow of chat that eminates amidst the flock of gawking
    guests, though unconsciously & inadvertently- you suddenly find that you’re so nastily involved in fervently stroking & pleasuring that oh so showy boner that demands your attention in that fully uninhibited and self engaged solo rite of public masturbation that so engages everyone in full on worship & a layed back contemplation as you joyously lick at your own bicepts & well into your tasty pits, slipping a finger into your tite & twitching ass, slapping that colossal pole of rigid muscle up against your own undulating abs…

  • James Taft:

    Love what I see Jasper

  • John:

    My ultimate best fantasy:
    I watched you fuck my girlfriend and was so turned on, I licked her clit while she was moaning with your cock in her. My tongue slid across your cock, i couldn’t stop myself from inserting you in my mouth. You alternated from my mouth to her pussy. I ate her pussy all night after you left your load all over it.

  • piotr adamowicz:

    Wow Jasper!
    You are so gorgeous from head to toe.
    I shave my cock just like you do.
    It is my dream for you & me to jackoff together.

  • Richard:

    Hi Jasper. You are really amazing . May i ask if you shave your dick 5 times everyday like i do

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