Bachelorette Party

Every time when I do a bachelorette party I’m trying to entertain the girls as much as I can, so they can remember me and this special event :). I like to look at the bride’s eyes; shy in the beginning and so happy and horny at the end. I like to tease all of the girls; I’m always paying attention to everybody and I treat them with respect in a very erotic manner. Usually, they scream like there is no tomorrow and often in the middle of my performance security or real police are showing up to check if everything is OK and calm them down. I had an experience when somebody knocked on the door in the middle of my routine. There was a real cop outside. Drunk girls thought he was another stripper who was supposed to show up and dance for the bride as well. In the spur of the moment they pulled him in the room screaming: “Take It Off!!!” I was in the middle of the room dressed exactly like this cop, but already half naked. He was looking at me and was a little confused cause we had the same outfit. He was a young officer and definitely liked all of the attention. When his partner showed up in the doorway in a few seconds later, they finally realized that those cops didn’t come there to perform and strip for the drunk bachelorette. It was really funny looking at the girl’s faces, especially at that girl who already spanked him twice and screamed, “Arrest Me Fucker!” In my closet I have lots of different outfits and costumes for those kind of parties and I like to organize and to dance, stripping down all these clothes, and making everybody happy. Almost every night I do from 2 to 5 different parties like that. It is absolutely unbelievable that so many people are getting married. That’s amazing!!! I am so glad and happy that so many families are starting their lovely future with my ass shaking performance; that’s a great beginning!!!

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