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There are so many Male and Female Escort providers and adult entertainers here in Las Vegas and all over The United States. When you hire someone for the first time, you definitely want to make sure that the time you will spend will be enjoyable, and the money you are planning to spend will be 100% worth it. So, how to get the right person you will really enjoy? How to feel safe and comfortable? How can you trust someone you don’t even know? You can try many different ways to find out, spending hours, doubting your safety and security… The answer is here, in front of you: contact me 24/7 and I will always help you with my professional and legal way of hiring and booking entertainers. Even if you are not planning to hire me for your entertainment needs, you can still call me 24/7, so I can answer all your questions and I’ll guide you step by step to the world of adult entertainment. I am currentely one of the most professional and successiful entertaines in The US. The reason of my success is 100% of dedication myself to my work. It’s a nonstop process for me.  You can always relay on me. I am here 24/7 for your enjoyment, so you can get the best entertainment experience ever! It’s so much fun! So much happiness!!!

Massage Pro Lola and Jasper Van DeanRecently, I had tons of emails from you guys asking me: who is this Massage Pro Lola? In the beginning I started to reply to all of those emails, but it became too many of them, so I decided to make a post here.

Lola is a very high skilled, professional licensed massage therapist based in Las Vegas, NV. She has a doctor’s degree in sociology and she is an author of a very famous book “Energy of Healing Love”.

Her unique and creative massage technics make sessions with her unforgettable. She truly believes in energy and unconditional power of love.

Here are some tips I learned from her experience:

Surprise! Change your behavior in the bedroom. Variety and novelty work better than Viagra.
Do not pretend! Dare to be who you are!
Share with your partner new ideas and feelings, desires and fantasies. These words can strengthen desire.
Be playful. Change roles. Try exploring variations on the traditional submissive vs. dominate roles. Consider experimenting with toys and videos or magazines for external stimulation.
Focus on success. The past is the past. Concentrate on the here and now in your bedroom.
Look into your partner’s eyes and open yourself up to new sensations. Watch your partner during sex. It can intensify the experiences.
Find literature that is interesting to you. Open it to the relevant passage and strategically place it somewhere that your partner will notice it.

Dr. Lola has a great personality along with a magic touch. She works for men, women, couples, and groups. If you want to book a session with her while in Las Vegas feel free to contact me 27/7 and I’ll make it happen!

Mount Charleston is typically 20-30 degrees cooler than the valleys, so the area is a popular getaway for both Las Vegas residents and visitors, who want to enjoy an outdoor activity while escaping the brutal desert heat. However, hikers should still start their hikes early in the morning if they really want to get a nice view of a naked man Jasper Van Dean climbing up the mount. There is a beautiful combination of freshly pumped muscles and gorgeous mother nature. Yes, I do love it, and I love to do it clothes-less! No permits are required and there are no entrance fees. It will be just you, nature, and naked stud Jasper!

I love to relax and enjoy my privacy. I have lots of people asking me questions about my personal life and how I like to spend time if I am not busy at work. Here is what I like to do the most:

1. I love to relax in the hot tub with candles and a nice bottle of a good french champagne.
2. I love to get a strong professional massage (specially right after the gym).
3. I love to have a very good dinner at the nice established fine dinning.
4. I love to educate myself by reading different books.
5. I love to learn different languages and I enjoy practicing them.
6. I love being outdoors and spend some time on the fresh air.
7. I love theaters and love to watch movies.
8. I love racing my car.
9. I love to wake up early and at the same time I love a night life.
10. And since I am always horny, I love to have my quality sexual time at least a few times a day! 😉

I am living a very nice, healthy, and sophisticated life style. I always do things which brings very good and positive experience to my future. I love seeing that everything I do and anything I touch is getting bigger and growing. It feels soooo good! I just totally love it!

These pictures I posted here I added to my Galley,  so you can enjoy them.


I love being outdoors. Staying in touch and connected with mother nature is one of my favorite things to do. The feeling of the healthy life style and being surrounded by the beauty of mother nature make me feel unconditionally happy. Every day, I like to spend some time walking in the park, climbing the mountain, swimming in the ocean, breathing a fresh, clean air. Whichever way is possible, I will aways choose to enjoy the mother nature. As long as you connected, you will be always balanced with an energy of health, wealth, and prosperity. Just close your eyes, open your heart, breath, and enjoy!

This video was made in Thailand on Ko Samet the beach of Ao Prow. Ao Prow is one of the quietest beaches of Ko Samet. Located quite far away from the nightlife of Ko Samet; Ao Prow is preferred by travelers who quietly enjoy the sea, swimming and sand , Ao Prow is also best sunset view point of Ko Samet. It is believed that once upon a time, Ko Samet was the home of pirates and that until this very day there is still lost treasure buried somewhere on the island. I was trying to find it, but after a while, I just got naked and jumped in the ocean. It was absolutely amazing! I got so horny in the water… To watch this hot video, go to my members area, sign up, and enjoy!

A big, strong, and powerful body is not
just a muscle mass, but the spirit
and mind, combined together and
created to make high goals
become reality…
J. Van Dean

Check out my new video “Jasper Van Dean – Hot… Tub… Action!”. In a couple days you will be able to watch the whole episode of this video called “Taste of Beauty” under my Membership Zone. This video will be showing my power, flexibility, and unlimited passion. Feel free to become a Member; and to all my existing Members: Thank you so much for staying with me, supporting my talent, and being always there for me. I love you all!

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If you want to hire me for your entertainment needs, check out Jasper Van Dean Services and feel free to contact me 24/7. The best exotic entertainment is just one call away 😉


Just added one of the most beautiful and amazing muscle girls to my “Entertainer’s List“. She is a total discovery to those who really like powerful muscles and a gorgeous feminine look. She has the whole package! Click on her banner to see her info, stats, pics, and video. If you want to hire her for your entertainment needs, contact me. Thank you.

Today, around 5pm I had a great chance to meet donkey. I was on my way to walk around Red Rock Canyon and as usual was almost ready to get naked and get the feeling of Mother Nature. I love to be naked out doors and as soon as I have a chance I do it right away. It’s a really good feeling when it’s just me and no one else around… I was with my assistant driving around trying to find a perfect place. I looked at the right and all of a sadden, from nowhere the big donkey showed up and started looking through the window. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to do, but after a little while I rolled down the window and looked straight at his eyes. The Donkey stuck his head inside the car and felt very comfortable doing it for some reason. I wanted to pet him, but I wasn’t sure that he would like it. I totally forgot the reason, being in the desert, with all my love towards Mother Nature. So I was enjoying donkey’s company for a while. On my way back to Vegas I decided I would definitely come back to that place with my costumes and have a very nice, professional photo shoot in the beautiful place with wild animals…

On July 4th, 1776, America claimed its independence and Democracy was born. This weekend, we celebrate that freedom and independence with BBQs, family and friends, picnics, and firework spectaculars. This holiday became one of my favorite and even being originally from Russia, I’d like to say that the USA is the best place ever where you can really feel the freedom and the power of human being. Lots of times I traveled around the globe and there is no place as beautiful, clean, stable, and organized as the USA. I am so proud being a resident here. Only in the USA I found real knowledge about life, family, friends, and freedom of independence. When I will have a chance to do something good and make this country better, I will do so immediately without a doubt. Thank you my beautiful USA, you became my home, my shelter. Here I’ve learned plenty of new things; my dream to speak English has become reality. And the most important thing is: Jasper Van Dean is becoming a legend of adult performance and healthy lifestyle day by day and everybody loves my work. I can put my power in modeling, dancing, and entertainment business 100%, as much as I can. And from the bottom of my heart I’d like to say: I love U America! Happy Birthday!!

Jasper Van Dean

A couple of days ago  I woke up with a hard on.  In the beginning I thought it was a wet dream that turned me on and nothing special.  I went to take a shower and eat, but my cock was still the same size; nice, stiff, hard, and pretty.  I kind of liked that, but it was time to go to the gym and cock didn’t want to go down.  Working out is very important to me, so I decided to go to the gym regardless; so I went.  It was horrible.  My cock was sticking out, pointing at other people and everybody wasn’t looking at my eyes.  The very first thing when they saw me, they were looking at my cock first… oh my God, that was so embarrassing.  I had a very nice leg workout and when I was done, I went to take a shower… with hard on!  I was surprised so many guys were following me and then pretending that they were taking a shower as well.  Come on, who washes their cock for ten minutes in a row?!  I really liked and enjoyed carrying that big hard thing down below, but by nature I am a very shy person and it was quite uncomfortable to be with a hard on in a public place.  Right now every time when I work out and people see me, first they are looking at my cock, then they are looking at me and smiling.  If you had the same experience, I would love to hear your story.  My cock was hard almost six hours in a row and it felt amazing.

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