Massage Pro Lola and Jasper Van DeanRecently, I had tons of emails from you guys asking me: who is this Massage Pro Lola? In the beginning I started to reply to all of those emails, but it became too many of them, so I decided to make a post here.

Lola is a very high skilled, professional licensed massage therapist based in Las Vegas, NV. She has a doctor’s degree in sociology and she is an author of a very famous book “Energy of Healing Love”.

Her unique and creative massage technics make sessions with her unforgettable. She truly believes in energy and unconditional power of love.

Here are some tips I learned from her experience:

Surprise! Change your behavior in the bedroom. Variety and novelty work better than Viagra.
Do not pretend! Dare to be who you are!
Share with your partner new ideas and feelings, desires and fantasies. These words can strengthen desire.
Be playful. Change roles. Try exploring variations on the traditional submissive vs. dominate roles. Consider experimenting with toys and videos or magazines for external stimulation.
Focus on success. The past is the past. Concentrate on the here and now in your bedroom.
Look into your partner’s eyes and open yourself up to new sensations. Watch your partner during sex. It can intensify the experiences.
Find literature that is interesting to you. Open it to the relevant passage and strategically place it somewhere that your partner will notice it.

Dr. Lola has a great personality along with a magic touch. She works for men, women, couples, and groups. If you want to book a session with her while in Las Vegas feel free to contact me 27/7 and I’ll make it happen!

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