I always build my websites with capability to work on any device with any operating system. If you have Windows PC, Mac, OS or any other mobile device my websites are gonna be just perfect for you. All my content, pictures, videos, and graphic animations are tested and 100% working 24/7 for your enjoyment. So, if you have just an iPhone or iPad don’t hesitate to join my membership zone. It would be a nice thing to have my private area open wherever you go. If for some reason you experience a difficulty to view or join my site please contact me immediately and I’ll help you to get inside. Thanks a lot to all of my members for being there for me. I have so many things to share and so much motivating energy to do more hot and beautiful stuff for you. Soon I will be posting my exclusive hot pics and videos taken by Natasha Shaman. If you have any desire to see something you couldn’t find here, just make a request and I will create a beauty and your fantasy will become reality. I am always here for you. I love you all. Thank you.

I have lots of emails asking me how I built my membership zone. Here is the true story about me, building my private area of this beautiful website with a huge hard on. Every time when I post something online, I take everything off and working on my computer totally naked with a big heavy cock which constantly growing while I am posting. The more I work the bigger hard on. Sometimes it gets too big and I can’t work anymore. This is the story about working hard with a hard on. Watch now and don’t forget to leave a comment. Enjoy! 😉

Finally, after a long process of working on my membership zone it’s up and running. I’ve had hundreds emails and lots of requests that everybody is waiting for my members area where I will post “XXX” pictures and videos. And now, here I am! Every week, I am posting very hot stuff for your enjoyment, so you can have a true, 100% Jasper Van Dean’s experience. It is only $24.99 fist month and if you want to keep membership it’s only $19.99 after first month. Here I accept major credit cards, debit cards, bill your phone, and by special request I can take PayPal or Amazon Payments. All transactions are going through, so it’s very secure, reliable, safe, discrete, and confidential. Every time when you will make a payment, you will see just “CCBill” or “Candyman Entertainment” listed in your statement for that transaction. They have 24/7 costumer support and I am the one who’s answering all technical questions and giving you the best “XXX” online adult entertainment experience. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 24/7 and I’ll be there for you right away. Thank you very much for your support and motivation and I hope to see you soon inside my members area 😉

I created this webpage for your convenience, so you can hire other entertainers for your enjoyment. Sometimes it takes forever to find the right person for entertainment needs, so I decided to recommend a variety of other entertainers I personally know and am proud to work with. If you want to hire someone from my list, just contact me and I’ll connect you to that person. Click this banner and enjoy 😉

Hello everybody it seems like the right time to put all of my stuff together and open the membership zone.  I’m going to start it in about 2 weeks and it’s going to have lots of beautiful pictures and all kinds of videos for your viewing pleasure.  I am working very hard on creating this membership zone project so I can spend time with you in your home wherever you are. Sorry it’s taking a little bit longer than I expected, but I am trying to make it nice and beautiful so you can really enjoy that.  Thank you for your support and for being patient… I love you all.

I’m working very hard trying to finish the website as soon as possible so you can enjoy viewing the whole thing.  I’m building the website by myself from scratch and I am not a professional webmaster.  This website powered by WordPress.  If somebody can give me some professional advice or make comments on how to improve the site I would really appreciate it.  If you can recommend some plug-ins for WordPress or some other cool things I might be able to use, that would be awesome.  I can’t wait to finish it off, get naked and get to what I do best 😉  If you can really help please leave a comment, email me or call me 24/7.  Thank you.

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