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A couple of days ago  I woke up with a hard on.  In the beginning I thought it was a wet dream that turned me on and nothing special.  I went to take a shower and eat, but my cock was still the same size; nice, stiff, hard, and pretty.  I kind of liked that, but it was time to go to the gym and cock didn’t want to go down.  Working out is very important to me, so I decided to go to the gym regardless; so I went.  It was horrible.  My cock was sticking out, pointing at other people and everybody wasn’t looking at my eyes.  The very first thing when they saw me, they were looking at my cock first… oh my God, that was so embarrassing.  I had a very nice leg workout and when I was done, I went to take a shower… with hard on!  I was surprised so many guys were following me and then pretending that they were taking a shower as well.  Come on, who washes their cock for ten minutes in a row?!  I really liked and enjoyed carrying that big hard thing down below, but by nature I am a very shy person and it was quite uncomfortable to be with a hard on in a public place.  Right now every time when I work out and people see me, first they are looking at my cock, then they are looking at me and smiling.  If you had the same experience, I would love to hear your story.  My cock was hard almost six hours in a row and it felt amazing.

4 Responses to “Woke Up with Hard On…”

  • Matthew:

    Your entry about having a hard on reminded me that one time while I
    was still in school I was changing for gym and didn’t realize that my
    hard on was poking my shorts the whole time. Trying running around the
    track with a 7 inch boner lmao

  • So; were you able to get off. Jasper I would of love to get you off,I mean get you off to completion. Would you have liked that?

  • Steve:

    You better believe I could have made that thing go down if I had been around. Either that, or you would have given me several loads of Russian milk down my throat…..

  • Todd:

    Jasper, I wish that I was there to suck you dry….you’ve been a fantasy of mine for quite sometime!

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