On July 4th, 1776, America claimed its independence and Democracy was born. This weekend, we celebrate that freedom and independence with BBQs, family and friends, picnics, and firework spectaculars. This holiday became one of my favorite and even being originally from Russia, I’d like to say that the USA is the best place ever where you can really feel the freedom and the power of human being. Lots of times I traveled around the globe and there is no place as beautiful, clean, stable, and organized as the USA. I am so proud being a resident here. Only in the USA I found real knowledge about life, family, friends, and freedom of independence. When I will have a chance to do something good and make this country better, I will do so immediately without a doubt. Thank you my beautiful USA, you became my home, my shelter. Here I’ve learned plenty of new things; my dream to speak English has become reality. And the most important thing is: Jasper Van Dean is becoming a legend of adult performance and healthy lifestyle day by day and everybody loves my work. I can put my power in modeling, dancing, and entertainment business 100%, as much as I can. And from the bottom of my heart I’d like to say: I love U America! Happy Birthday!!

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