Here are some tips from my personal experience to pros and beginners whither you are a model or a photographer. I work on both sides every day as a model and photographer. I believe, it is important to understand the concept of a great modeling. It’s not just a good model nor professional photographer makes a great work. It’s us, all together making a future called a destiny! Good luck!


Always remember:  It’s You who will be captured!
It’s You will be on the picture!
It’s You are the one and only!

1. Flex and pose like you do in the studio. Never rely on water thinking it can hide some parts of the body, so you can relax them.

2. Watch out for your hair. It dosen’t look good if it’s half wet. Make it either wet or keep it dry.

3. Always use special water resistant makeup for face and body.

4. Do not use lotions or sunscreens. When they will get wet, they will create lots of white drops all over the body.

5. Use plain baby oil. It will keep your skin look wet and will create more desirable shades all over the body.

6. Warm up your body by doing exercises before jumping in the water. It will help you to look more relaxed in the cold water.

7. Plan your poses and rehearsal them before getting in the water.

8. Always think about your look. Keep those thoughts even when in front of the camera. Never pay attention to other people around. Keep your look and stay focus.

9. Your outfit shouldn’t be the same as a water color. You will loose a nice contrast of a stunning picture.

10. Remember, water is not an air. It’s constantly moving and is changing. Depends on your project pick the right dept or wave condition before posing for a nice shoot.


Always remember: You are a creator!
You are a future!
You are a key!

1. Set up a faster shutter speed on your camera. You will avoid permanent blur from water drops on the object.

2. Shoot in the continuous mode instead of a single shot mode.

3. Do not use direct flash or hard light on the object. Remember, water is like a mirror.

4. Use sun reflectors or soft lights for better lighting.

5. Change angles of shooting, be creative!

6. Do not keep models too long in the water. Water sucks out the energy. After a little while your models will get tired.

7. Make sure, models you shoot are 100% ready. (see “Tips for Models”)

8. Use water resistant equipment. Most of the great shots have been shot from the water level.

9. Set up your camera and necessary settings before getting on location.

10. Be prepared to get wet as well if necessary.

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