If you have planed a nice photo or video shoot and you are planing to pose and flex your muscles, you have to be 100% ready in order to get unbelievable images. Don’t expect that if you have a very high level professional photographer next to you it is enough to accomplish the project. Here are 10 tips from my personal experience. I use them almost every day and they helped me to get success and achieve lots of goals in the modeling industry. Good luck and always have fun with your modeling projects 😉

1. Before session go to the gym, get a nice pump, drink as much as you can water, and right after workout eat medium portion of carbohydrates (assuming in an hour after that you will get your photo/video shoot.).

2. On the spot, right before shooting put an oil all over your body.

3. Stretch and flex all your muscles after putting oil. Do not pump muscles, you don’t want to get tired.

4. Consume a little bit of water while shooting. Don’t drink too much liquid. Try to keep your stomach empty.

5. While shooting, always flex you abs; keep it nice and firm, even if it’s covered with clothes.

6. Rehearsal your smile in front of the mirror before shooting.

7. In order to capture your eyes with a great look, always have a very strong thought in your mind. Keep thinking while camera is shooting.

8. Do not think about camera and people around. Just try to forget that it’s shooting.

9. Train yourself to keep your facial expression nice and relaxed while all your muscles are very tight and 100% flexed.

10. Depends on location, never be shy to try and experiment with new poses while shooting.

If you have any questions about modeling, dancing, acting, and entertaining, don’t hesitate to contact me for free advise.

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