Desert with Jasper Van Dean

If you have planed a nice photo or video shoot and you are planing to pose and flex your muscles, you have to be 100% ready in order to get unbelievable images. Don’t expect that if you have a very high level professional photographer next to you it is enough to accomplish the project. Here are 10 tips from my personal experience. I use them almost every day and they helped me to get success and achieve lots of goals in the modeling industry. Good luck and always have fun with your modeling projects 😉

1. Before session go to the gym, get a nice pump, drink as much as you can water, and right after workout eat medium portion of carbohydrates (assuming in an hour after that you will get your photo/video shoot.).

2. On the spot, right before shooting put an oil all over your body.

3. Stretch and flex all your muscles after putting oil. Do not pump muscles, you don’t want to get tired.

4. Consume a little bit of water while shooting. Don’t drink too much liquid. Try to keep your stomach empty.

5. While shooting, always flex you abs; keep it nice and firm, even if it’s covered with clothes.

6. Rehearsal your smile in front of the mirror before shooting.

7. In order to capture your eyes with a great look, always have a very strong thought in your mind. Keep thinking while camera is shooting.

8. Do not think about camera and people around. Just try to forget that it’s shooting.

9. Train yourself to keep your facial expression nice and relaxed while all your muscles are very tight and 100% flexed.

10. Depends on location, never be shy to try and experiment with new poses while shooting.

If you have any questions about modeling, dancing, acting, and entertaining, don’t hesitate to contact me for free advise.

Here are some tips from my personal experience to pros and beginners whither you are a model or a photographer. I work on both sides every day as a model and photographer. I believe, it is important to understand the concept of a great modeling. It’s not just a good model nor professional photographer makes a great work. It’s us, all together making a future called a destiny! Good luck!


Always remember:  It’s You who will be captured!
It’s You will be on the picture!
It’s You are the one and only!

1. Flex and pose like you do in the studio. Never rely on water thinking it can hide some parts of the body, so you can relax them.

2. Watch out for your hair. It dosen’t look good if it’s half wet. Make it either wet or keep it dry.

3. Always use special water resistant makeup for face and body.

4. Do not use lotions or sunscreens. When they will get wet, they will create lots of white drops all over the body.

5. Use plain baby oil. It will keep your skin look wet and will create more desirable shades all over the body.

6. Warm up your body by doing exercises before jumping in the water. It will help you to look more relaxed in the cold water.

7. Plan your poses and rehearsal them before getting in the water.

8. Always think about your look. Keep those thoughts even when in front of the camera. Never pay attention to other people around. Keep your look and stay focus.

9. Your outfit shouldn’t be the same as a water color. You will loose a nice contrast of a stunning picture.

10. Remember, water is not an air. It’s constantly moving and is changing. Depends on your project pick the right dept or wave condition before posing for a nice shoot.


Always remember: You are a creator!
You are a future!
You are a key!

1. Set up a faster shutter speed on your camera. You will avoid permanent blur from water drops on the object.

2. Shoot in the continuous mode instead of a single shot mode.

3. Do not use direct flash or hard light on the object. Remember, water is like a mirror.

4. Use sun reflectors or soft lights for better lighting.

5. Change angles of shooting, be creative!

6. Do not keep models too long in the water. Water sucks out the energy. After a little while your models will get tired.

7. Make sure, models you shoot are 100% ready. (see “Tips for Models”)

8. Use water resistant equipment. Most of the great shots have been shot from the water level.

9. Set up your camera and necessary settings before getting on location.

10. Be prepared to get wet as well if necessary.

Pool with Jasper and Tina


Another great photo shoot was done with a beautiful model Tina. She is absolutely amazing! Her gorgeous body and nice personality are unbelievable! She smells like candy, so eatable… Every time when I have a photo shoot with Tina, I feel so comfortable. She is definitely one of the best models I’ve ever met in and out.

Photographer Erika Stanley is very gifted and talented. I love the way she accomplish her projects. She got her vision and concept of creativity. It’s always a great pleasure to model for such a professional photographer. You can visit Erika’s website to learn more about her work and projects.

Martin H Clark is a professional video operator. He knows exactly how to shoot a stunning video. I like the way he manages and operates DSLR camera in the low light and difficult situations. He is one of the best video guys so far I’ve ever known. Thanks Martin!

All photos and videos are editing in my professional art studio of Candyman Entertainment in Las Vegas.

Jasper's Workout

Three Nippled Michael’s cock. Picture taken by Jasper Van Dean.

I’ve been a professional model all my life. After completing special photography classes at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas in 2010, I stepped into professional photo and video shooting. Being a model helped me a lot to understand the concept of creativity. Of course, I specialize in erotic and adult shootings, but I also shoot nice regular sophisticated stuff. Every day I practice polishing my skills as a photographer in the park next to my house. In the early morning around 6 o’clock when the sun hits the ground and the magic hour starts with unbelievable lighting you can see me with my camera capturing the moments of beauty. I always use high end professional equipment in order to achieve the best results and make everybody happy by delivering stunning images. Soon I will upload a special page about my photographic services, to provide more information about my professional video and photo operator services. I also do all the necessary post processing services with Photoshop and video editing, so the final projects are always 100% perfect. My rates as a photographer start from $200 an hour and if editing is important or necessary I charge extra, depends on the amount of work. I do. If you want to see lots of hot pictures and videos I shot go to my members area, sign up for membership and enjoy! And whenever you want to hire me as an model/entertainer I’m available 24/7. I am always here for you. Special thanks to all my fans and members for your love and support. I love you all!!

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